Routine Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Posted on: 3 December 2015

One of the ways you can ensure that you get the most from your garage door is to carry out some routine service and maintenance. These are mostly simple steps that you can take on your own. You can also select a professional from one of the many companies that provide these services in Australia. Some of the maintenance tips are outlined below.

Visual Inspection

This is the most basic maintenance activity for garage doors. It simply involves looking at your door for any signs of problems such as wear and tear. Things you should look for include broken springs, cables, and hinges. Should you see any signs of trouble, you need to investigate further to establish the root cause. It may end up be a sign of something more problematic with the garage door. Spotting and fixing the problem early is advantageous for you.

Door Balance Tests

Garage doors with automatic opening systems require monthly balance tests. This process involves closing the door and then disconnecting the automatic opener. The next step is to try and manually lift the door. If it is working properly, it should open fully and stay open. However, if there are difficulties in opening or it does not stay open then there might be balance problems. Balance is importance as it reduces the chance that your door will malfunction and cause damage or even injury while you are using it.

Reverse Tests

Automatic garage doors have a reverse feature that is supposed to sense any item blocking its path and reverse. This helps to prevent crushing any object, person or animal that might be below the door as it closes. The test basically involves placing an object in the line of the garage door and then closing it. The door should come to a stop near the object without crushing it and then reverse. Failure to reverse means that there is a problem and that should be addressed by a professional.You should note that some older garage doors do not have this feature in which case you should consider replacing your door or installing the system.

Other Maintenance Activities

There are some other smaller service activities you can carry out on your garage doors. For instance, you should regularly check the hinges, springs, rollers and other moving parts on the door to ensure they are well lubricated. If that is lacking, you should purchase the appropriate lubricant and apply it to all the moving parts.Check also the bolts and screws and tighten them if necessary.

For more tips or assistance, you can always visit resources like before taking on maintenance issues. 


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