Why Plantation Shutters Are the Best Choice For Your Windows

Posted on: 9 December 2015

So, you have decided to install shutters on your windows. The next task is to choose which type of shutter is best for you. Shutters come in a variety of shapes and styles. You can have aluminium shutters, poly shutters, and wooden shutters among others. However, out of all the other shutters out there, plantation shutters are likely to be the most favourable for your home. Here are a few reasons why.

Easy Maintenance

Plantation shutters are easy to take care of. They have a well-polished surface that inhibits dust from sticking. You can clean these shutters by simply wiping them with a wet piece of cloth. Moreover, this characteristic makes them suitable for individuals with dust allergies. Apart from dust, crayons and colours also don't stick to these shutter surfaces, making them the best shutters for a household with kids. Lastly, their ultra-light weight makes them even easier to clean, since you can simply remove them from windows and reinstall them in a matter of minutes.

Thermal Insulation

Plantation shutters offer great heat protection compared to other shutters. They are designed with cellular construction that has pockets of air in frames and louvers. These pockets, combined with the timber barrier, act as insulators from heat during winter. They keep your room warm and also reduce your thermostat bills. During summer, you can open your windows while keeping the shutter panels closed, allowing you to maintain air circulation while keeping unwanted heat out.

Provide Maximum Light Control

These shutters come with a rear tilt louver system, which allows you to control the light and ambience of the room. The louvers are designed such that they can be angled to reduce the amount of light entering a room. Moreover, they can also be fully opened for more light and a clearer view. In addition, tilting louvers also help redirect UV rays away from the floor and furniture. The shutters themselves are finished with an invisible UV protective layer. This layer prevents the wood and paint stain from wearing out, thus giving your shutter more longevity.

Controlled Privacy

The louvers of these shutters have been designed to perfectly fit into each other. This guarantees you a complete seal from the outside when closed. They are thus a particularly good option for homes located close to streets because they'll block out most of the noise. Moreover, these shutters are also sectional. You may choose to open the top panel and close the bottom panel, enabling you to receive light and privacy at the same time. 


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