Top Signs You Need to Have Your Automatic Door Repaired

Posted on: 29 April 2016

If your business has automatic doors, it might become frustrating when it doesn't work properly. There are a lot of different things that can go wrong with this type of door, with a variety of signs that it is time for repairs. Here are some signs you should pay attention to so you know when to call a repair technician.

It doesn't open when standing in front of it

A very common sign that an automatic door isn't working is when someone is standing in front of the door, and it doesn't open. These sliding doors contain sensors near the door that will recognize when someone is standing there and needs in or out of the store. Some doors will contain motion sensors above the door or near the door on the frame or wall, while others have weighted sensors that look like rubber mats in front of the door. If you have someone that should be the right weight and is standing in position, then the problem is due to these sensors. There should be the option of manually opening the doors until the sensors can be repaired.

The door keeps getting stuck

If the door opens sometimes, but tends to get stuck when opening or closing, the problem might not be from the sensors. In this case, it is often from the door's tracks or the cables that allow the doors to open and close. These doors include wiring to help them open or close, which could get frayed and stop it from working properly. Check the tracks first to make sure there are no bends and no debris that is built up. If you don't see a problem there, you should call a technician to have the door inspected and repaired.

Your energy bills have increased

A more subtle sign that you need repairs for your automatic door is when your energy bill goes up. This is often the result of having excess air coming into the building through cracks or holes in the glass or frame of the doors. A sudden increase in energy costs is often from the HVAC system in your building having to work harder to maintain the normal temperature. If there is a crack in the glass, air is getting through, which is why it is harder to maintain that temperature you set on the thermostat.

You can avoid needing serious repairs if you have the door inspected and maintained on a regular basis.


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