3 Ways to Add Curb Appeal With Your Windows

Posted on: 18 August 2016

If you are looking to create more curb appeal with your home, starting with the windows is a good option. Both the style of the window frame and trim to the window glass itself can make a big difference in the aesthetics of the front of your home. Here are some different ways to add curb appeal with your windows.

Have the Window Glass Repaired

It might not seem like a big deal, but when you have old window glass, especially with visible cracks or chips, it can really take away from the overall appeal of your home. Repairing window glass is important on many levels, as it helps to avoid air loss when running your HVAC unit, keeps your home safe, and avoids pest infestations. Repairing the window glass can also improve the look of your home, thus giving you better curb appeal with the brand new windows.

Install Colourful Shutters

Another great way to have more curb appeal with just your front windows is by adding shutters to them. Choose the front windows that are easily seen from the street, such as the bottom-floor windows next to the front door, or the top-floor windows that belong to the bedrooms of your home. These windows can get shutters that always remain open, but add a charming appeal like an old-fashioned home. An added benefit is that they are not difficult to install or paint, so this is likely something you can do if you are accustomed to DIY projects. Just make sure you focus on proper balance by adding shutters to all windows, instead of just windows on one side of the home.

Add Window Boxes

You can also add some window boxes to the windows on the lower level of your home. This helps to provide multiple purposes when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. First of all, the boxes themselves can be quite decorative and also add a similar charm as window shutters. When you fill the boxes with colourful flowers or fun succulents, it also adds to the appeal. This creates more décor in the front of your home with minimal effort, while also improving how your home's exterior windows look.

When upgrading the windows of your home, don't forget about smaller windows that often get overlooked, such as the windows in your garage door or above your front door. These should also be included in adding more curb appeal.


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