What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Roller Shutters?

Posted on: 10 September 2018

Roller shutters are a type of shutters that are composed of several horizontal slats, usually made of steel or aluminium, and hinged together. They are generally used on doors and windows. There are different types of roller shutters, depending on how the shutters were installed in the doors. For instance, they could be built-on if they are mounted on the exterior of the door. integrated if the door and the shutters are built as a single unit, or built-in if the shutters are installed below the door's lintel.

Roller shutters may also be told apart depending on how they are operated. Manual shutters are operated manually by pulling the winders, whereas automated or electrical shutters are operated by remote control. In most cases, when you use the roller shutters on your door, you will raise the door or lower it to open or close the shutters respectively. However, some roller shutters may be operated by opening or closing the slats. When using the roller shutters, you will enjoy many benefits while at the same time contending with some drawbacks. Below are the pros and cons of using roller shutters, like those from Perth Homeguard Pty Ltd, for your doors.


  1. They provide ample security to your home, both visually and physically. Since the slats are tightly fitted together, it is difficult to see through into the house. Similarly, it is difficult for burglars to lift the slats so they can access your home forcefully.
  2. They ensure that you have the much-needed insulation during adverse weather conditions. They keep the heat out during hot weather and retain the heat inside during the cold weather. This saves you the energy you would have spent on either heating your room or cooling it down using air conditioning.
  3. Roller shutters will prevent outside noise from getting into your house.
  4. They will protect your home, especially when you install them on most doors of your house from adverse weather such as strong wind, hailstorms, or rain.
  5. Some of the newer, more sophisticated designs are fitted with noise sensors, which will sense noise from your fire alarm. When the alarm goes off, the shutters will automatically open, giving you a chance to escape the fire.


  1. Buying and installing roller shutters is extremely costly, especially if you opt for the automated ones.
  2. Operating the manual shutters may be cumbersome, especially when done in a hurry.
  3. When closed, they tend to make the room dark, although you can solve this problem by buying the perforated ones.

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